We make Wig Caps (Foundation) of Ladies' Wigs and Bases of Toupees(Men's Hair Replacement Units)
using all kinds of netting materials, machines, chemicals, etc.
We make each product with integrated Technical knowledge in various categories and actual experience.
(1) making machines, chemicals, lots of netting materials, etc for more than 5,000 overseas
buyers (factories, shops) in more than 100 countries,
(2) receiving technical questions and various inquiries from them, and
(3) providing Hands-on Trainining and supporting trainees online after Hands-On-Training.
Wigcaps of Ladies' Wigs
(M/Made & Hand-tied)

Bases & Semi-finished caps
for Hand-tied Wigs(Toupees)
Bases of Men's
Hair replacements (Toupees)

Semi-finished Bases (caps)
for hand-tied Products

Semi-Finished Base
for Men's hairpieces

Hair Addition Base

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